Casey Stoner: Broken Scapula + Fractured Tibia

Current reporte from the spectacular race of Suzuki 8 Hours event in Suzuka Circuit Japan, unfortunate update comes from Casey Stoner  Who had his Scapula Broken Plus Fractured Tibia, as he immediately updated status in his facebook account saying

“Well my ‪#‎Suzuka8H‬ ended spectacularly!Stuck Throttle = Broken Scapula + Fractured Tibia and a few more tweaks. Sucks!”, as can be seen in the following picture.


alright Pal, he knew that this gonna take a few weeks for tweaks, of course its not Casey’s expertise to claim that he’s gonna be recovered on that interval. But as his fans, let us hope for the best and quick recovery for Casey.

you did great fellas, get well soon.

to be clear
Tibia is part of the bone structure located somewhere in the legs.
while the Scapula is somewhere around the shoulder bone structure.

the picture tributes to official account od CS 27 on facebook.